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How to Spoof SMS Message in Linux ?

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2021

In this article, we will show how to spoof SMS messages in Linux using two of the following tools:-

  1. fake-sms
  2. Social Engineering Toolkit (SET)

1.) Fake-sms

It is a tool written in simple script to send SMS anonymously.


  • Send sms anonymously
  • Fast sms delivery
  • International sms sending available.
  • One can send only one sms per day.
  • Easy to install and use.


First, one needs to clone the tool from github repo using the following command:

 git clone

Change directory by,

cd fake-sms

Now we need to change permission before running it.

chmod +x

How to use ?

Run this tool first by typing the following command in your terminal window,



Type 1 and hit enter to see the usage of this tool.

Sending Fake SMS: Make sure that you use the victim’s country code and it should be without + and shouldn’t start with 0. For eg, 923443210111. Now enter your victim’s phone number with the country code and then type the message you want to send.

Checking SMS status: Now to check your sms status, copy the text id which was shown when you sent the message.

We can see from the above image that the status of our message is showing delivered, which means our message has been successfully delivered without any errors.

 2 ) Social Engineering Toolkit (SET):

Go to your applications and search social engineering toolkit and hit enter or simply type the following command:

sudo setoolkit

Social Engineering Toolkit (SET):

Type 1 to select social-engineering attacks.

SMS Spoofing : Select SMS spoofing by typing 7 and hit enter.

Spoofed Text Message: Type 1 again to perform an SMS spoofing attack.

Crafting message: Type 1 to select an SMS  attack to a single phone number, and enter the phone number preceded by ‘+’ and country code. Then, select to one-time use SMS option.

Target’s Mob Number: Enter your target’s phone number and then enter the message you want to send.

Select intermediary: Select the intermediary for the spoofed SMS message from the given 4 options. Select the first option. It is the only one free, the rest 3 are paid but it is buggy and might not work. So select option 3 which is a paid one, enter your pincode and send the message.

And just like that, your spoofed message is sent.

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