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How to Specify Divider gap in Square Grid using Bootstrap ?

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 27 Mar, 2020
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The CSS grid-row-gap property is used to set the size of the gap between the grid row elements. Similarly, the CSS grid-column-gap property is used to set the size of the gap (gutter) between the column elements.


  • CSS grid-column-gap property
    grid-column-gap: none|length|percentage|initial|inherit;
  • CSS grid-row-gap property
    grid-row-gap: length|percentage|global-values;

Approach: It specifies the size of the grid lines. You can think of it like setting the width of the gutters between the columns/rows.

  • Select the class that includes the grid layout.
  • Specify the values for grid-gap property of that class.
  • Example:

    .container {
        grid-column-gap: <line-size>;
        grid-row-gap: <line-size>;


<!DOCTYPE html>
        /*  Use grid-row-gap and grid-column-gap
            to specify the gap between the square
            grids the gap between the row is
            specified 10px the gap between the
            row is specified 100px */
        .grid-box {
            display: grid;
            grid-template-columns: auto auto auto auto;
            /* Specify the divider gap measurement in a grid */
            grid-row-gap: 10px;
            grid-column-gap: 100px;
            background-color: yellow;
            padding: 5px;
        .grid-box div {
            background-color: pink;
            text-align: center;
            padding: 15px 0;
            font-size: 25px;
        Demo to change the divider
        gap in Square grid picture
    <div class="grid-box">
        <div class="item1">gfg</div>
        <div class="item2">gfg</div>
        <div class="item3">gfg</div>
        <div class="item4">gfg</div>
        <div class="item5">gfg</div>
        <div class="item6">gfg</div>
        <div class="item7">gfg</div>
        <div class="item8">gfg</div>
        <div class="item9">gfg</div>
        <div class="item10">gfg</div>
        <div class="item11">gfg</div>
        <div class="item12">gfg</div>
        <div class="item13">gfg</div>
        <div class="item14">gfg</div>
        <div class="item15">gfg</div>
        <div class="item16">gfg</div>
        <div class="item17">gfg</div>
        <div class="item18">gfg</div>
        <div class="item19">gfg</div>
        <div class="item20">gfg</div>
        <div class="item21">gfg</div>
        <div class="item22">gfg</div>
        <div class="item23">gfg</div>
        <div class="item24">gfg</div>

Output for grid-row-gap and grid-column-gap.

An example of grid with 50px gap between rows and 50px gap between column.

Browser Compatibility:

    Support in Flex layout:

  • Chrome: No
  • Firefox: Yes (63.0)
  • Edge: No
  • Internet Explorer: No
  • Opera: No
  • Safari: N0
    Support in Grid layout:

  • Chrome: Yes (66.0)
  • Firefox: Yes (61.0)
  • Edge: Yes (16.0)
  • Internet Explorer: No
  • Opera: Yes (53.0)
  • Safari: Yes (10.1)

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