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How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel?

  • Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2021

Excel is one of the best tools for data analysis. It is a place where you can organize your data in the best way. Excel is a place where you can work on 7 million cells within one worksheet. The moment you start working on big data then we must ensure our data is systematically organized so that we did not miss anything.  

So to organize the data, one should be aware of sorting. Now, what is sorting? In Excel sorting is a method to organize the order of the data. For example, If we are maintaining a record of classroom’s students then one can have the list in alphabetical order, also one can sort data by their birthdays. Sorting data is an essential element of data analysis. Through sorting, one can easily analyze the data. 

We can organize a list of names in alphabetical order,  or arrange by number, or colors, and icons. Now, this article is more concerned about sorting by alphabet in Excel.

How to sort by Alphabetically in Excel?

In Excel sorting comes in various ways, you can sort data by alphabet, numbers, date, or time. Now, this article is more concerned about sorting by alphabet in Excel. Let’s begin to learn how can we sort data alphabetically in Excel?

In the very first step, we need to take a sample through which we can easily learn. Let’s take a random record of a company’s employee name and their age. Here the names of the employee are not arranged in alphabetical order.

Step 1: Select a cell in the column you want to sort. So, here we selected cell A2.

Step 2: Now click on the Data tab, and then go to the Sort & Filter group.

Step 3: After coming to the sort group we have two options, the first is to quick sort in ascending order and the other is to sort in descending order. In this example let’s sort in ascending order so we have to click click A to Z command in Excel that sorts A to Z or smallest number to largest.

Step 4: After selecting A to Z our data get sorted in alphabetical order. You can also try the Z to A option if we want an alternate result.

Now you can see we have sorted this data in alphabetical order in only 4 steps. So this is one of the simplest things you can do in your excel. Also, you can arrange your data by numbers, color, time or date, and symbols, etc.

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