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How To Setup And Use Anonsurf On kali Linux

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  • Last Updated : 17 Oct, 2021

Anonsurf is one of the good anonymizing tools of Linux distribution. It helps us make our network tunnel secure. This tool uses TOR iptables to anonymize our network system. 

Installation of Anonsurf

First of all, you can make a separate directory for this tool for your convenience and git clone the following URL or you can simply run this command in the terminal:

For a separate directory:

mkdir Anonsurf && cd Anonsurf

Clone the URL in your terminal:

git clone

Now change the directory and go to the kali-anonsurf run the installer script:

sudo ./

How To Setup And Use Anonsurf On kali Linux


Example 1: Now run this command for anonsurf start.

sudo anonsurf

Example 2: To start this tool just simply run this command, a pop-up will show on your screen.

anonsurf start

If you want to kill all the background processes, you can choose yes or just go ahead. It will clear the miscellaneous space from your disk.

Example 3: If this tool isn’t running and you are running the stop command a pop up will show as shown in figure

anonsurf stop

Example 4: You can restart it again if you face any problem during the task.

anonsurf restart

Example 5: Change id

This tool connects our system with the tor browser and if we want to change or IP address then we can use this command, in the following images you can see our system is connected with tor or not.

anonsurf changeid



Example 6: You can check what is current IP address is after connecting with tor network.

anonsurf myip

Example 7: Change status

This helps us to check that our tool is still running or not, you can find details of browser download/upload speed.

anonsurf status

That’s all was overview for this tool now you can explore yourself many things. After finishing your work you can stop it by stop command.

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