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How to set up Python mode for Processing ?

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 13 Jul, 2021
Geek Week

Processing is Open Source Software that is used for the electronic arts and visual design communities. We can create different types of art using our coding skills. Examples are games, animation and physics engine, etc.

Step 1: Download for Windows(64/32 bit) 

Step 2: Extract the Zip file in any folder and open processing .exe.

Step 3: Processing IDE will be open. After that write your own code.

Step 4: To set up python-mode for processing click on Add more.

Step 5: Click on Python Mode for Processing 3 and click on the install button.

Step 6: After installation, we can see that Python mode is added in processing ide.

Example: add code into the code block and see the animation.


# Function to set up size of output window
# and colour mode.
def setup():
    size(600, 600)
# Function to set up colour fill and ellise size.
def draw():
    rect(0, 0, width, height)
    fill(frameCount % 255, 255, 255)
    ellipse(random(0,width), random(0,height), 40, 40)





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