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How to set node.js console font color ?

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The chalk module is can be used to customize node console with colored text. By using it, one can change console look using features of it like bold the text, making underlines, highlighting the background color of a text, etc.

Command to install chalk:

npm install chalk

Coloring console text with chalk.color: Text color can be changed by using the chalk.color method like,, etc.

const chalk = require('chalk'); 
// Printing the text in blue color
console.log('Hello Geek!'));
// Printing the text in red color
console.log('This is an Error! '));
// Printing the text in green color
console.log(chalk.rgb(100, 150, 70)
        ('This is in custom color'));


Coloring background of console text with chalk.bgcolor: Text background color can be changed by using chalk.bgcolor method like chalk.bgBlack, chalk.bgRed, etc.

const chalk = require('chalk');
// Set background color to red
console.log(chalk.bgGreen('Hello Geek!'));
// Set background color to BlackBright
console.log(chalk.bgBlackBright('This is an Error! '));
// Set background color to WhiteBright
console.log(chalk.bgWhiteBright('This is in custom color'));


Modifying console text appearance: Text style can be altered by using the methods like chalk.bold, chalk.italic, etc.

const chalk = require('chalk'); 
console.log("Text in ", chalk.bold('bold'));
console.log("Text in ", chalk.dim('dim '));
// Not widely supported
console.log("Text in ", chalk.italic('italic'));
console.log("Text in ", chalk.underline('underline '));


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Last Updated : 05 Nov, 2019
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