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How to run a code on double-click event in jQuery ?

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In this article, we will see how to run a code after double clicked the element using jQuery. To run the code on double clicked we use dblclick() method. This method is used to trigger the double-click event to occur. This method occurs when the selected element will be double clicked.



Parameter: It accepts an optional parameter “args” which specifies a function that do a specific task after double clicking.



<!DOCTYpe html>
        How to run a code on double-click
        event in jQuery?
    <script src=
    <!-- jQuery code to show the working 
        of this method -->
        $(document).ready(function () {
            $("body").css("text-align", "center");
            $("h1").css("color", "green");
            $("p").dblclick(function () {
                $(this).css("font-size", "20px");
                $(this).css("color", "green");
        How to run a code on double-click
        event in jQuery?
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Last Updated : 17 Mar, 2021
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