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How to Print values above 75th percentile from series Using Quantile using Pandas?

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 20 Feb, 2022
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Given a series, the task is to print all the elements that are above the 75th percentile using Pandas in Python. There is a series of data, we have to find all the values of the series object whose value is greater than the 75th Percentile.


  • Create a series object of any dataset
  • We will calculate 75th percentile using the quantile function of the pandas series
  • We will apply for loop for iterating all the values of series object
  • Inside for loop, we’ll check whether the value is greater than the 75th quantile value that is calculated in step(2) if greater then print it.



# importing pandas module
import pandas as pd
# importing numpy module
import numpy as np
# Making an array
arr = np.array([42, 12, 72, 85, 56, 100])
# creating a series
Ser1 = pd.Series(arr)
# printing this series
# calculating quantile/percentile value
quantile_value = Ser1.quantile(q=0.75)
# printing quantile/percentile value
print("75th Percentile is:", quantile_value)
print("Values that are greater than 75th percentile are:")
# Running a loop and
# printing all elements that are above the
# 75th percentile
for val in Ser1:
    if (val > quantile_value):


0     42
1     12
2     72
3     85
4     56
5    100
dtype: int32
75th Percentile is: 81.75
Values that are greater than 75th percentile are:


We have made a series object from an nd array and used the quantile() method to find the75% quantile or 75th percentile value of the data in the given series object and then use a for loop to find out all values of the series that are above the 75th percentile.

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