How to print date starting from the given date for n number of days using Pandas?

In this article, we will print all the dates starting from the given date for n number days. It can be done using the pandas.date_range() function. This function is used to get a fixed frequency DatetimeIndex.

Syntax: pandas.date_range(start=None, end=None, periods=None, freq=None, tz=None, normalize=False, name=None, closed=None, **kwargs)


  • Import pandas module
  • Create a  parameter function for computing the Date series between starting date and periods.
  • Generate sequences of dates between starting and periods with pandas.date_range() within the function
  • Store into the pandas series within the function
  • Return the pandas series.

Below is the implementation.






# Importing modules
import pandas as pd
# creating function
def Time_series(date, per):
    # computing date range with date
    # and given periods
    date_series = pd.date_range(date, periods=per)
    # creating series for date_range
    Result = pd.Series(date_series)
# Driver Code
# Date in the YYYY-MM-DD format 
date = "2020-03-01"
# Number of times the date is 
# needed to be printed
per = 10
Time_series(date, per)


Output :

0   2020-03-01
1   2020-03-02
2   2020-03-03
3   2020-03-04
4   2020-03-05
5   2020-03-06
6   2020-03-07
7   2020-03-08
8   2020-03-09
9   2020-03-10
dtype: datetime64[ns]

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