How to Prepare for Amazon AWS Cloud Support Associate On-Campus test?

The test comprises 4 sections total of 77 questions in 90 minutes of time:

#1. 1st Section consists of 20 Aptitude questions to be solved in 15minutes of time they were from mediocre to hard ones so practice some online from geeksforgeeks or careeride sites.

#2. 30 questions of OS, DBMS, and Computer Networks they were easy ones try to learn from this will surely help

#3. 20 questions of Cloud computing for that prepare from Amazon AWS web site about that all is given or a free coursera course by google on cloud computing or by nptel videos on youtube anyone will help you learn.

#4. Lastly two easy coding questions same for all 1 coprimes numbers and other sorting one both you can find on GeeksforGeeks easily. I got shortlisted thanks gfg.

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