How to Participate in Google Code-In (GCI) as a Mentor?

Google Code-In is one of the precious platforms to show up your professional skills, both as a fellow as well as a mentor. Every year various different organizations are selected to be a part of Google Code-In. Its a dream for many individuals to be part of this organization.


First and the most important way to get into GCI is keep checking their official website. Go through various organizations participated in GCI, You can find them on the official website of GCI.



Various Organizations List

You should now get the mailing details of the organization you want to apply as a mentor. Describe yourself, Introduce all your talents in that field, so that you can stand apart from rest applicants and simply ask them the requirements to join that specified community as a mentor for GCI. They’ll guide you.


Mailing List

  • You’ll be asked to describe yourself, put all your work experience, projects, etc. in that particular field and show that you are worthy of being a mentor.
  • Adding your GitHub link may help you to neatly showcase your practical skills of that subject.
  • Also, add your favorite technology stack, tell them about your experience on different projects, your role describing the particular position in that field(example: I was python developer at so and so company), etc.
  • The Linkedin profile is another effective way of showcasing your skills. You can also ask professionals in your contact for healthy recommendations before it helps to judge your skills through the person with whom you worked, or who guided or managed you.

Now, this step differs from organization to organization, different organizations have their different criteria but the main focus for choosing the right mentor remains the same.

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