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How to open Terminal in Linux?

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The shell or command prompt are common names for the terminal. This was how consumers interacted with computers in the past, but Linux users have discovered that using the shell may be speedier than a graphical approach and still has some use today. The terminal was designed as a file browser, and this function is still carried out using it. You may traverse your files and undo changes made by using the terminal as a file browser.

How to open Terminal in Linux

It is not as difficult as you would imagine working at the command line. The command line is a program like any other. Thus, no particular skills are required to utilize it. The Linux command line may be used to do the majority of tasks. Although most applications include graphical features, there are occasions when they are just insufficient. The command line is useful in this situation. We can Open Terminal in Linux in 3 different ways,

  • Using Shortcut(CTRL+ALT+T).
  • Using the dash button.
  • Using Command 

Method 1: Using Shortcut(CTRL+ALT+T).

Step 1: Pressing Ctrl+Alt+T will instantly launch a Terminal window at any moment. The GNOME Terminal window will immediately appear.



Method 2: Using Dash Button.

Step 1: Along with your other installed programs, the Terminal application is also there. To discover them, go to your screen’s bottom left corner and select the “Show Applications” button from the “dash” bar.



Step 2: Find and activate the Terminal shortcut by typing “Terminal” and pressing Enter. Additionally, you may click the Terminal icon in the list of all apps that are displayed here.



This will launch Terminal.



Method 3: Using Command

Step 1: To enter the Run a Command dialogue, you may alternatively use Alt+F2. Enter the command gnome-terminal to open a terminal window.



Step 2: The Alt+F2 window also allows you to execute a variety of additional commands. However, as opposed to when the command is run in a regular window, you won’t see any information.



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Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2022
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