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How to open an image from the URL in PIL?
  • Last Updated : 26 Mar, 2021

In this article, we will learn How to open an image from the URL using the PIL module in python. For the opening of the image from a URL in Python, we need two Packages urllib and Pillow(PIL).


  • Install the required libraries and then import them. To install use the following commands:
pip install pillow
  • Copy the URL of any image.
  • Write URL with file name in urllib.request.urlretrieve() method.
  • Use method to open image.
  • At last show the image using method.

Sample Code: 

import urllib.request

from PIL import Image

urllib.request.urlretrieve(‘Image url’, “file_name”)

img =“file_name”)



# importing modules
import urllib.request
from PIL import Image
img ="gfg.png")


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