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How to merge a transparent PNG image with another image using PIL?

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  • Last Updated : 03 Mar, 2021
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This article discusses how to put a transparent PNG image with another image. This is a very common operation on images. It has a lot of different applications. For example, adding a watermark or logo on an image. To do this, we are using the PIL module in Python. In which we use some inbuilt methods and combine the images in such a way that it looks to be pasted.

  • Open Function It is used to open an image.
  • Convert FunctionIt returns a converted copy of a given image. It converts the image to its true color with a transparency mask.
  • Paste FunctionIt is used to paste an image on another image. 

Syntax: PIL.Image.Image.paste(image_1, image_2, box=None, mask=None)
image_object.paste(image_2, box=None, mask=None)


  • image_1/image_object : It is the image on which other image is to be pasted.
  • image_2: Source image or pixel value (integer or tuple).
  • box: An optional 4-tuple giving the region to paste into. If a 2-tuple is used instead, it’s treated as the upper left corner. If omitted or None, the source is pasted into the upper left corner.
  • mask: a mask that will be used to paste the image. If you pass an image with transparency, then the alpha channel is used as the mask.


  • Open the front and background image using function.
  • Convert both the image to RGBA.
  • Calculate the position where you want to paste the image.
  • Use the paste function to merge the two images.
  • Save the image.

Input Data:

To input the data, we are using two images:

  • Front Image: A transparent image like a logo

  • Background image: For background like any wallpaper image



# import PIL module
from PIL import Image
# Front Image
filename = 'front.png'
# Back Image
filename1 = 'back.jpg'
# Open Front Image
frontImage =
# Open Background Image
background =
# Convert image to RGBA
frontImage = frontImage.convert("RGBA")
# Convert image to RGBA
background = background.convert("RGBA")
# Calculate width to be at the center
width = (background.width - frontImage.width) // 2
# Calculate height to be at the center
height = (background.height - frontImage.height) // 2
# Paste the frontImage at (width, height)
background.paste(frontImage, (width, height), frontImage)
# Save this image"new.png", format="png")


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