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How to Make a Gantt Chart in Excel?

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  • Last Updated : 01 May, 2021

A Gantt diagram in Excel is used to represent projects or tasks in the form of cascading horizontal bar charts. It illustrates the project schedule as well as various relationships between project activities, that help us track these activities against time.

To make a Gantt chart follow the below steps:

Step 1: Creating your Project Table

This table must contain tasks, start dates, end dates, and duration. Duration can be easily calculated using a formula (END DATE – START DATE)

Step 2: Make a Bar Chart.

Select all the values under the START DATE column and then go to INSERT. Select the Stacked Bar Chart from 2-D Bar Charts.

select the stacked bar

Step 3: Add Duration data

Right Click anywhere on the Bar Chart and click on Select Data and wait for the following window to appear.

Now click on Add 

Enter the series name as Duration

Write “Duration” in the Series name field. Then click on the icon just above the OK button in the second text box.

Click the icon on the right 

Click the icon on the right. Now, from the Duration column, select all the values and hit Enter. (Note – only select the values, not the Column Headers) 

The result will look like this

Step 4: Add descriptions.

Once again, open the Select Data Source window and select Start Date from the left-hand side box and click Edit 

 Select the icon just above OK. Then, click on the first item under Tasks and drag the mouse all the way to the last item, and hit Enter, twice. 

The final chart

Step 5: Bar Chart to Gantt Chart.

Click on any of the blue bars, to select them all. Now, right-click and select Format Data Series and select the following

Now, click on the left-hand side, i.e., the tasks, and right-click. Select Format Axis. Then, select the following and hit Enter.

Check the ‘Categories in reverse order’ box

The final chart will look like this

Now, go to the first date in the Start Date column and right-click on it. Select Formal Cells and note the number in the Sample Box.

Go to the chart and left-click on the dates on the top. Now, right-click and select Format Axis and make the following changes.

Enter the number you noted above and paste it into the Minimum Section.

Now, click on any of the red bars and then, right-click. Now, select Format Data Series and set Overlap to 100% and Width to 0%

The Gantt Chart is ready!

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