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How to Install tix package in Ubuntu?

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Tix is also known as Tk Interface Extension. It is a python module that provides an extra rich set of widgets to TkInter. Although the standard Tk library contains different types of useful widgets and Tix library adds on the missing important widgets to the standard Tk library. It adds 40+ widget classes to the Tkinter repertoire. Using these new widgets, developers can create more useful and intuitive user interfaces and can add new interaction techniques to the applications. In this article, we will be looking at the stepwise procedure to install the tix package for Python in Linux. 

Installing tix package for Python on Linux

Follow the below steps to install the Python tix package in Linux:

Step 1: Check if Python is installed or not on your system. Here, we run the below command in the terminal of the Linux to check if the Python is already installed in the system or not. In case Python is already installed on your system then the output will be the current version of Python and if it is not installed it will throw an error. For installing python in your system refer to How to Install Python.

python –version


Step 2: This step is to update the Linux used by the user to get the latest version so that it can make the process much faster and the system updates will make the installing easily without facing any issue.

sudo apt-get update


Step 3: Install the tix. Here, it is the final step to install the tix package in Python just the user needs to type the below-mentioned command in the working Linux terminal, and the tix package will be successfully installed in the system.

sudo apt-get install -y tix


Step 4: Checking tix installed successfully or not. Here we use the same command mentioned in Step-3 to check tix package is successfully installed.


Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2022
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