How to Install Solidity in Windows?

To install solidity on windows ensure that you are using windows 10, as only windows 10 provides built-in Linux Subsystem. With the help of this feature, we can run the Ubuntu terminal on the Windows machine. Below are the steps to setup Solidity on windows:

Step 1: Open control panel on your system and toggle to Windows Subsystem for Linux under Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features>Turn Windows features on or off.

Windows Features

Step 2: After your system restarts install “Ubuntu LTS 18.04” from Microsoft store and after installation set it up.

Step 3: After setting up Bash install and check necessary dependencies like cURL, Node version manager(NVM), NodeJS and Node Packet Manager(NPM) using the following commands:

  1. Installing cURL :
    sudo apt-get install curl
    curl --version 

    Installing curl

  2. Installing NVM:
    curl -o- | bash
    nvm --version

    Installing NVM

  3. Installing NodeJS and NPM:
    nvm install node
    node --version
    npm --version

    Installing NodeJS and NPM

  4. After installing the dependencies, install and check solidity compiler solc by using following code:
    npm install -g solc
    solcjs --version

    Installing Solidity Compiler

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