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How to Install Manjaro Linux?

  • Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2021

Manjaro Linux is an arch-based Linux, with all the features that provide a good user interface, all other tasks that are done on the other Linux via the command-line user interface, you can use it as a graphical user interface. Manjaro is a free open-source Linux distribution based on the Arch Linux operating system. Manjaro has a focus on better user-interface and better access, and the system itself is designed to work completely with its variety of pre-installed software. You can install new features in a graphical way to use their package manager called Pacman. Manjaro comes with many important features of being an arch-based Linux.

Minimum Specification Requirements for Manjaro 18.1(KDE):

  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GHz Processor
  • Around 25-30 GB Hard disk space
  • Good Internet Connection
  • Bootable Media

Step-By-Step Process For Install Manjaro 18.1 KDE 

Follow the down below process carefully.

Step 1: Download The ISO File

Firstly you download the Manjaro ISO file on their official website.

Step 2: Create Bootable Media

After the download complete, make bootable media and change your computer boot setting. Make sure the computer are boot to your bootable media because it is very important to the installation process.

Step 3: Live Installation

After changing the boot settings, restart and select your boot media then you will see the screen shown below.

How to Install Manjaro Linux

Navigate using the arrow key and select “Boot: Manjaro x86_64 kde”

Step 4: Install the launcher

After boot, you see the Manjaro installer, if your computer is connected to the Internet, it will automatically choose the time and location.

How to Install Manjaro Linux

Click the Launch Installer.

Step 5: Select Language. After the installer selects your language.

How to Install Manjaro Linux

Select your preferable language and click next.

Step 6: Select Region And Time Zone. Many areas will appear on this screen, you can select them according to your own.

How to Install Manjaro Linux

Select and click to next.

Step 7: Select Keyboard Layout. Many languages and keyboard layouts will appear on this screen, you can select them according to your own.

How to Install Manjaro Linux

Select and click to next.

Step 8: Select Partition Type. Select to erase the disk because this way you can properly install Manjaro Linux without any issue.

After select erase option-click to next.

Step 9: Setup User Account. Fill in all the fields below and make sure passwords are rememberable.

After fill, all fields click to next.

Step 10: Select Office. Select the office you want to use.

After select on click next.

Step 11: Summary Of Your Selection

Confirm you selected option and click to Install.

Click to Install now.

Step 12: Installation Start

This process takes time, wait for its completion.

Step 13: Restart The Machine

Restart, Button will we appear on the screen click it.

Step 14: Login To Manjaro

Fill in your credentials and click to log in.

Features Of Manjaro Linux:

  • One of The best features is a simplified, user-friendly installation process
  • The graphical package manager(Pamac).
  • Manjaro is an Arch Linux based distribution.
  • Power-efficient
  • Graphical User Interfaces are the primary focus.

The Graphical Package Manager(Pamac):

You can download any software that is available to Manjaro in the use of graphical package manager.


Graphical Settings

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