How to install Librosa Library in Python

Librosa is a Python package for music and audio analysis. Librosa is basically used when we work with audio data like in music generation(using LSTM’s), Automatic Speech Recognition.

It provides the building blocks necessary to create the music information retrieval systems. Librosa helps to visualize the audio signals and also do the feature extractions in it using different signal processing techniques.


  • Using PyPI(Python Package Index)

    Open the command prompt on your system and write any one of them.

    pip install librosa 
    sudo pip install librosa
    pip install -u librosa

    Install librosa using pip

  • Conda Install

    If you use conda/Anaconda environments, librosa can be installed from the conda-forge channel. Open the Anaconda prompt and write:

    conda install -c conda-forge librosa

    Download librosa on anaconda-1
    Download librosa on anaconda-2

    Note: If you’re using a Python 3.5 environment in conda, you may run into trouble with the numba dependency. This can be avoided by installing from the numba conda channel before installing librosa:

    conda install -c numba numba
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