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How to Install KaliTorify Tool in Kali Linux?

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2021

Kalitorify is a free and open-source tool to become anonymous on the Internet while testing the security of a web browser. kalitorify uses ip-tables to create a Transparent Proxy through the Tor Network. kalitorify can move the network of your Kali Linux operating system through the Tor Network using ip-tables. When you run the tool it starts the transparent proxy. After initiating kalitorify you can do all your security testing on the website and become anonymous. This tool can create challenges for the people if they want to trace your IP address. 

KaliTorify Installation in Kali Linux

features of Kalitorify :

  • Kalitorify is an open-source tool.
  • kalitorify uses ip-tables
  • kalitorify uses tor proxy
  • kalitorify uses tor tunnel
  • Through kalitorify network can redirect through ip tables.
  • kalitorify is easy to use.

What is a Transparent Proxy through Tor?

When we want that we would go anonymous through kali Linux There are lots of anatomization tools available on the web such as proxychains, Anonsurf, .all these tools use Tor relay and tor tunnels the reason that we are talking about KaliTorify is, it is another great tool that has different ways of going about it. A transparent proxy is a type of proxy which acts as a bridge between user and internet on this bridge network goes through tor tunnels and the proxy is being changed. Kalitorify intercepts the request from your machine to the internet when a user wants to access any website or any web server then Kalitorify tool intercepts the request of the user and takes the network through tor tunnel and redirects the original IP to different IP using ip-tables. Transparent proxy via Tor means that every network application will make its TCP connections through Tor; no application will be able to reveal your IP address by connecting directly.

Installation of kalitorify:

Step 1: Open your kali Linux. Open your terminal and move to Desktop directory using the following command.

cd Desktop

Step 2: Create a new directory here name it kalitorify and move in this directory using the following command.

mkdir kalitorify
cd kalitorify

KaliTorify Installation in Kali Linux

Step 3: Now you are in kalitorify directory here you have to download kalitorify tool from GitHub using the following command.

git clone

KaliTorify Installation in Kali Linux

Step 4: Kalitorify has been downloaded into your kali Linux now you have to install dependencies.

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade -y

KaliTorify Installation in Kali Linux

Step 5: Install one more dependency.

sudo apt-get install -y tor curl

KaliTorify Installation in Kali Linux

Step 6: Now you have to install kalitorify using the following command.

cd kalitorify/
sudo make install

KaliTorify Installation in Kali Linux

Step 7: Reboot.

Services and programs that use kalitorify (such as iptables) work at the kernel level, at the end of the installation reboot the operating system to avoid conflicts.

Step 8: Now again go to the same directory where you have installed kalitorify .and type the following command. Here h is used for help:

kalitorify -h        

KaliTorify Installation in Kali Linux

Step 9: Now to run kalitorify tool use the following command.

sudo kalitorify -t

KaliTorify Installation in Kali Linux

Your kalitorify has been installed and running successfully 

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