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How to Install Julia Programming Language on Linux ?

Last Updated : 19 Feb, 2020
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Julia is a programming language used for mathematical computations and scientific data analysis. Julia is an open-source high-performance language that is used to perform statistical calculations and general-purpose programming.

Getting Started with Julia

Julia programs can be written in any of the widely used text editors like Notepad, Notepad++, gedit, etc. or on any of the text-editors. One can also use an online IDE for writing Julia codes or can even install one on their system to make it more feasible to write these codes because IDEs provide a lot of features like intuitive code editor, debugger, compiler, etc.
To begin with, writing Julia Codes and performing various intriguing and useful operations, one must have Julia installed on their System. This can be done by following the step by step instructions provided below:

Checking for a pre-installed Julia Version:

Before we begin with the installation of Julia, it is good to check if it might be already installed on your system. To check if your device is preinstalled with Julia or not, just go to the terminal and type:



Downloading and Installing Julia:

Julia can be downloaded and installed in Linux with the use of a package manager known as ‘Snaps’. Follow the steps given below to install Snaps and Julia in a Linux system using command-line:
Step 1: Open Terminal, type the following command and press Enter.

sudo apt install snapd

Step 2: Wait for the Snap package to unpack the files and install them in the registry.
Step 3: Once the installation of Snap is over, clear the terminal and begin with the Julia Installation process.
Step 4: Use the following command to install Julia and then press Enter.
Step 5: Now Terminal will download Julia online and will begin with the installation process
Step 6: Mounting Julia on the Destination Drive after completing the download.
Step 7: Installation of Julia is now over, you can proceed with the next step to Start Julia compiler and begin with writing Julia programming codes.
Step 8: Enter the following command to begin with the Julia compiler and to confirm if the installation is completed successfully. Type the following command and press Enter:


After completing the installation process, any IDE or text editor can be used to write Julia Codes and Run them on the IDE or the terminal with the use of command:

julia file_name.jl

Let’s consider a simple Hello World Program.

# Julia program to print Hello World
# print function
println("Hello World !"


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