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How To Install Git on CentOS 7?

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Git is a type of version control system. There are two types of version control systems are present. One is Centralised and another one is distributed. Centralized VCs are less effective in nature. So, Distributed VCs now replaced the Centralised version. Git is an example of a distributed version control system. It is used for developing any big projects for company purposes. Every contributor contributes their part of the code in Git and then these parts are combined with each other and make a complete outcome. CentOS is basically developed for developing purposes. It is used as a development platform. It is used to test and develop in a continuous manner. It is stable in nature. Also, CentOS can be used as a predictable platform. It is a derived part of the Linux operating system.


  • Git helps to work collaboratively in teams. It also helps to reduce the burden of developing projects.
  • Git helps to make an alternative way to implement a project without losing the older data.
  • Using Git, previously implemented code can be easily checked by the developers.

Installing Git on CentOS 7

Step 1: At first, Browse this link. This is the library of the Git versions available for the CentOS. The proper version name is to be copied. It is advisable to go for the 2.10.0 version of Git in CentOS. As it is the most appropriate version. It can be used in every machine whatever the configuration of that machine. But for other versions, it can be predictable the success of the installation.

Step 2: Then the terminal of CentOS should be opened. Then according to the version that has been chosen, the following command should be run. This command helps to download the version on the machine. It will take some time. As downloading will be time-consuming.

wget <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow" href="<git version full name>



Step 3: Then after completion of the downloading, the below command should be run. This command will install the Git which has been downloaded. This command will give the following output. It is going to install all necessary things related to Git.

tar xvf git



Step 4: Now, the Git is installed. Now the following two commands have to run. This command will provide the installed version of Git in CentOS.

cd git*
make configure



Hence, the process is completed successfully.

Setting Up Git By Basic Commands:

Step 1: In the CentOS terminal, enter the following command. This command will start the Git Bash window which will be further used for Git commands. 




Step 2: Then the Git Bash window will open. There enter the following command which will configure the username for Git.

git config –global user,name “<name>”



Step 3: After username, email should be configured. The below command should be run. This will configure the email with Git.

git config –global “<email-address>”



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Last Updated : 25 Apr, 2022
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