How to install Apache server in Ubuntu ?

Apache is an open source web server software created and maintained by Apache software foundation. Since it an open source so it is free to use. It is a web server used for one or more HTTP based websites. It is widely used by web hosting companies to provide shared and virtual hosting.

Steps to install the Apache server:

  • Make Superuser: Open terminal and use following command to make yourself superuser.
    sudo su

  • Update Ubuntu package: Use the following command to update the Ubuntu package list.
    sudo apt update

  • Install Apache: After installing the Ubuntu package list, use the following command to install apache server.
    sudo apt install apache2

  • After completion of the installation process, the Apache server automatically start. The status of the Apache server can be checked by using the following command.
    sudo systemctl status apache2

  • Open the browser and type localhost or on the address bar. It will display the default page of the Apache server.
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