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How to install and configure Docker on Arch-based Linux Distributions(Manjaro) ?

In this article, we are going to see how to install and configure Docker on Arch-based Linux Distributions. Docker is an open-source containerization platform used for building, running, and managing applications in an isolated environment. A container is isolated from another and bundles its software, libraries, and configuration files. Containers share resources with other containers running on the same host OS and provide OS-level isolation that is far more efficient than virtualization.

Installing Docker in  Arch-based Linux Distributions

Step 1: Before installing Docker, update Software Repositories using the following command

$ sudo pacman -Syu



Step 2: Install Docker from the official arch repository

$ sudo pacman -S docker



Step 3: To verify the installation execute

$ sudo docker version


Step 4: Now, start the docker service by using systemctl command

$ sudo systemctl start docker.service

$ sudo systemctl status docker.service 


Step 5: Once again use systemctl command to enable the docker service. Now, Docker will restart whenever your machine boots up.

$ sudo systemctl enable docker.service


Step 6: To use Docker without sudo privileges you will need to add your account to the docker group.

$ sudo usermod -aG docker $USER


Step 7: As a final check, let’s run a minimal Docker image to see whether Docker is working properly.

$ docker run hello-world


Uninstalling Docker

To uninstall Docker and all of its config files run:

$ sudo pacman -R docker


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