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How to Insert a Picture in Microsoft Word Document?

Last Updated : 06 Mar, 2023
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Microsoft Word is a software tool that allows us to create document files like articles, office letters, projects files, and many more in a very simple and easy manner. MS Word makes our document more attractive as compare to paper or file work by providing different features like it has different size of pages, fonts, colors, design, bullets, tables, chart, page borders/numbers, and many more.  

It also provides various features like editing, texting, formatting, graphics designs, fonts color, and styles, inserting images, videos, printing documents, etc.  

This MS Word software saves our article/letters in a form of document and saves it in the computer forever. Whenever it is required it can be shared or can access the document. 

Features of MS Word

  1. Images: MS Word provides inserting of various images in our document.
  2. Videos: We can insert videos in our document
  3. Fonts Styles: It has a wide range of font styles for our text.
  4. Colors: It also has different types of colors to make our document more attractive.
  5. Page number and size: You can set the size of the page of your document
  6. WordArt: It provides various writing styles for our documents.
  7. Tables: Tables in MS Word are used to represent data in Tabular form
  8. Graph and Charts: These are used to represent statistical data
  9. Animations and Designs: MS Word allows the creation of Animations and designs as per user needs
  10. Page border/color: MS Word allows adding borders and colors to pages.

Adding Pictures in MS Word

Adding pictures in our document is a very good way to have an interaction with our audience. Images increase the understanding level to extremely high. By the help of pictures, we can convey our messages, thoughts, ideas in a very simple and a beautiful way. Pictures attract the audience to understand our topic very easily. 

MS Word has a feature that allows us to insert an image or picture file directly from our computer into our projects. You’ll be able to edit the pictures inside and also customize their look. So we should use different types of pictures in our document.

How to insert pictures from Files in MS Word?

Step 1: Select the insert option from the navigation menu.

Step 2: Now select the picture option as shown:

Step 3: A insert picture from dialog box will open. 

There are two ways to insert a picture: 

  1. This Device – You can insert a picture file from your computer.
  2. Online Pictures – You can also insert pictures from online sites.

Step 4: Select this device option as shown:

Step 5: A insert picture dialog box will open.

Step 6: Select the drive or folder from the left panel menu where your pictures are saved as shown:

Step 7: Next select the picture/image you want to insert in your document. 

Step 8: Click on the insert option as shown:

Step 9: Now you can set or resize the size of your picture according to your requirement using the dot button.

Step 10: To give styles to the picture click on the format option from the navigation menu.

Step 11: Click on drop-down arrow as shown:

Step 12: Select picture style as per your choice.

Finally, pictures/images are added to your document.

How to insert Online Images in MS Word?

Step 1: Select the insert option from the navigation menu.

Step 2: Now select the picture option as shown:

Step 3: A insert picture dialog box will open. 

Step 4: Select the online pictures option as shown:

Step 5: A online pictures dialog box will open where you can search a variety of online pictures.

Step 6: Search the picture/image name in the search bar.

Step 7: Select the picture and then click on the insert button as shown:

Finally, online images will be added to your document.

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