How to include Search box in your wordpress website ?

If your theme does not offer the capability to include a search box in your WordPress website, then follow the steps to find out how you can do it:

  • Goto your dashboard and click on Plugins button.
  • Goto the Add New plugin section and search for Ivory Search (by Ivory Search).
  • Click on Install Now and then Activate them.
  • A new Ivory Search tab appears on your dashboard on the left.

The Includes section allows you to include all that you want your users to search. For example, you can only allow users to search for products in an e-commerce website or you can also enable him/her to search for certain pages or attachments.
The Excludes section allows you to exclude what you want to hide from user’s search. For instance, if you’ve enabled the user to search for pages but you want to exlude certain pages from search result, that you can do it in exclude section.
In the same way, you can also explore Customize, AJAX and Options sections to customize your search bar.

When you are working in the Ivory Search form, hover to Settings option (on the left panel of the dashboard under Ivory Search), to set the location of search box. This can either be in the header or footer or the horizontal menu, etc. The options available in Menu Search section are theme specific.

In the Settings section, you can set how your search box will look like. Following are the styles provided in Ivory Search form:

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