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How to get the hashcode for enum in C#?

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  • Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2019
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Enum.GetHashCode Method is used to get the HashCode for the value of the current instance. This method is inherited from the Object class.


public override int GetHashCode ();

Returns: This method returns the 32-bit signed integer hash code.


// C# program to illustrate the
// Enum.GetHashCode() Method
using System;
class GFG {
    enum Color {Blue, Black};
    // Main Method
    public static void Main(String[] args)
        Color c1 = Color.Blue;
        Console.Write("HashCode of Enum Constant " + c1 + " : ");
        // Using the GetHashCode() Method
        Color c2 = Color.Black;
        Console.Write("Hashcode of Enum Constant " + c2 + " : ");
        // Using the GetHashCode Method


HashCode of Enum Constant Blue : 0
Hashcode of Enum Constant Black : 1


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