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How to get file extension in Python?

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In this article, we will cover How to extract file extensions using Python.

How to Get File Extension in Python?

Get File Extension in Python we can use either of the two different approaches discussed below:

Method 1: Using Python os module splitext() function

This function splitext() splits the file path string into the file name and file extension into a pair of root and extension such that when both are added then we can retrieve the file path again (file_name + extension = path). This function is preferred use when the OS module is being used already.


import os
# this will return a tuple of root and extension
split_tup = os.path.splitext('my_file.txt')
# extract the file name and extension
file_name = split_tup[0]
file_extension = split_tup[1]
print("File Name: ", file_name)
print("File Extension: ", file_extension)


('my_file', '.txt')
File Name: my_file
File Extension: .txt

Method 2: Using Pathlib module

The pathlib.Path().suffix method of the Pathlib module can be used to extract the extension of the file path. This method is preferred for an object-oriented approach.


import pathlib
# function to return the file extension
file_extension = pathlib.Path('my_file.txt').suffix
print("File Extension: ", file_extension)


File Extension:  .txt
Last Updated : 19 Sep, 2023
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