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How to Generate Database Dump of MySQL Database in Linux?

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We will learn how to Backup and Restore your MySQL Database with Mysqldump query in LINUX.  We had always a need that if the production database is corrupted somehow, we should be able to recover it, for recovering we should always keep a backup of the database at particular instances. So, data rollback can be done.

First, we will create a Database in our system. We will need LAMPP and APACHE Software for this purpose.

Step 1: Create a database using the below command:

CREATE DATABASE geeksforgeeks;

Step 2: Use the database using the below command:

USE geeksforgeeks;

Step 3: Create a table in this database as shown below:

CREATE TABLE employeeData(ID INT(10),
            Name VARCHAR(255),
            Designation VARCHAR(255),
            Address VARCHAR(255),
            Branch VARCHAR(255)

Step 4: Describe this table to see if it is correctly created or not:

DESC employeeData;

Employee Data Table is successfully created

Step 5: Insert some data in this table.

INSERT INTO `employeedata`(`ID`, `Name`, `Designation`, `Address`, `Branch`) VALUES (1,"Devesh Pratap Singh","Software Engineer","Uttar Pradesh, India", "Noida");
INSERT INTO `employeedata`(`ID`, `Name`, `Designation`, `Address`, `Branch`) VALUES (2,"Megha Arele","Web Developer","Uttar Pradesh, India", "Noida");
INSERT INTO `employeedata`(`ID`, `Name`, `Designation`, `Address`, `Branch`) VALUES (3,"Aditya Srivastava","Research Analyst","Uttar Pradesh, India", "Noida");
INSERT INTO `employeedata`(`ID`, `Name`, `Designation`, `Address`, `Branch`) VALUES (4,"Tanishka Sharma","Jr. Architect","Uttar Pradesh, India", "Noida");
INSERT INTO `employeedata`(`ID`, `Name`, `Designation`, `Address`, `Branch`) VALUES (3,"Divyanshi Upadhyay","Jr. Architect","Uttar Pradesh, India", "Noida");

Step 6: Dump the data for backup for restoring purposes with the below command:

mysqldump -u root -p geeksforgeeks > ~/Desktop/backup_db.sql

After running this command you will get the dumped database on your desktop.

Output File

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Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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