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How to fade the removal of a DOM Element using CSS and JavaScript ?

Last Updated : 17 Jan, 2023
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In this article, we will fade the removal of a DOM Element using CSS and JavaScript.

CSS has a vast domain, while basic CSS is essentially copy-pasted, it can become highly complicated when merged with front-end technologies like JavaScript and related frameworks. Therefore it is noticed that some highly skilled back-end developers struggle to design the front-end of their portfolio websites. A lot many JavaScript attributes and properties linked with CSS are rarely used by beginners. This article makes use of one such attribute to fade and ultimately remove a paragraph at the click of a button.


  • HTML Code: Three text elements and a remove button are wrapped by a container.
  • CSS: The paragraph is assigned a transition for opacity with a duration of one second. Also, the “removed” class which is to be added to the removed element specifies the final “opacity” to be zero. This gives a faded look to the removal.
  • JavaScript: First, we create the DOM object of the button and paragraph (with a suitable tag and id). Further, we add the event listener to the button, this listener adds a “removed” class to the paragraph which reduces the opacity and initiates the fading process. Finally, we add a listener to the paragraph which listens for the end of the transition. As soon as the transition completes the paragraph is removed.

Example: Below is the implementation of the above-explained approach.


<section class="container">
  <h1 class="notRemoved">
    I am confident I will not be removed!
  <p id="parId">Don't remove me I beg you</p>
  <h1 class="notRemoved">
    I will also not be removed


#parId {
  transition: opacity 1s;
.removed {
  opacity: 0;


var btn = document.querySelector("button");
var par = document.querySelector("#parId");
btn.addEventListener("click", e => {  
par.addEventListener("transitionend", () => 

Output: Click here to check the live Output.

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