How to face Infosys Interview?

First of all, I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks! Without their guidance, surely it would have been a tough task for me to clear Infosys interview.

Round 1: Online Assessment-Before starting, look at the company specific pattern in GeeksforGeeks site. They have already mentioned everything very clearly. Analyze your strengths and weakness. Prepare the topics in which you need to improve yourself. Everything is based on sectional cutoff. Just spend few hours daily and it will be easy to crack the round 1.

Round 2: Technical Interview-Good communication and positive attitude is all that you require to clear this round. I was the first one to enter the Technical interview panel and felt bit nervous at the beginning. Answered all the questions clearly with required explanation. Few questions were bit tricky but be honest to accept if you are not aware about the answer. Practice coding in Geeksforgeeks and Hackerrank. Make sure that you are aware about everything that you have mentioned in your resume. Most of the questions will be asked only from the resume and be smart enough. Eye contact and body language is very important. Be Bold.

Round 3: HR Interview-After clearing first 2 rounds, you can be confident enough because you are going to be the future Infoscion. Be flexible, polite and have a nice conversation with HR.  All the Best Guys!


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