How to Extract Frames From a Video in MATLAB?

Let us see how to extract frames from a video in MATLAB.

Approach :

  1. Import the video which is to be converted into frames into the current matlab environment.
  2. Extract the total number of frames in the video.
  3. Make an empty directory named frames before the execution.
  4. Run a for loop and start extracting the frames into the directory.

In our demonstration, we shall consider the following video :





% import the video file
obj = VideoReader('org.mp4');
vid = read(obj);
 % read the total number of frames
frames = obj.NumberOfFrames;
% file format of the frames to be saved in
ST ='.jpg';
% reading and writing the frames 
for x = 1 : frames
    % converting integer to string
    Sx = num2str(x);
    % concatenating 2 strings
    Strc = strcat(Sx, ST);
    Vid = vid(:, :, :, x);
    cd frames
    % exporting the frames
    imwrite(Vid, Strc);
    cd ..  


Output :
The frames directory will look something like this :

Images saved in the frames folder

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