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How to enable/disable Word Wrap in Visual Studio Code?

Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2022
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When any text runs off the side of the screen, the Toggle Word Wrap feature of Visual Studio Code consolidates it within the window and formats it perfectly. Whether your property values are getting extremely stretched out from the screen or your comments are flying off to the right, this feature is used there for formatting it. Let’s see how to do Word Toggle Wrap in Visual Studio Code.

Toggle Word Wrap in Visual Studio Code

Method 1

Step 1: Observe the text that runs off the side of the screen



Step 2: Click on Setting, in the left corner of the Visual Studio Code.



Step 3: Click on the Command Palette.



Step 4: Click on Toggle Word Wrap



Step 5: We will see the formatted text, done by Toggle Word Wrap.



Method 2

You can directly hit the ALT + Z Key, and we will get the Toggle Word Wrap output, the same as the before method. Like this, By using the Toggle Word Wrap feature of Visual Studio Code, we can format long lines of code in multiple lines based on the editor view area .

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