How to download and install Python Latest Version on macOS / Mac OS X

Python is a widely-used general-purpose, high-level programming language. This article will serve as a complete tutorial on How to download and install Python latest version on macOS / Mac OS X. Like Linux, macOS also comes with Python pre-installed on the system. It might be Python version 2 or some similar outdated version. To update to the latest version, we will use the Homebrew Package manager. It is one of the best and convenient methods to install Python on macOS.
To know more about Homebrew Package manager, visit here.

  • Download and install Homebrew Package Manager

    If you don’t have homebrew installed on your system, follow the steps below
    Open the Terminal Application of macOS from Application -> Utilities. Bash terminal will open where you can enter commands
    Enter following command in macOS terminal

    /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"


    Enter system password if prompted. This will install the Homebrew package Manager on your OS.
    After you see a message called “Installation Successful”. You are ready to install python version 3 on your macOS.


  • Install Python Latest Version on macOS / macOS X

    To install python simple open Terminal app from Application -> Utilities
    and enter following command

    brew install python3

    After command processing is complete, Python’s version 3 would be installed on your mac.


    To verify the installation enter following commands in your Terminal app



    Bingo..!! Python is installed on your computer. You can explore more about python here

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