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How to distort image using Block_Distortion module in Python ?

  • Last Updated : 04 Jul, 2021
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In this article, we will discuss how to perform block distortion on images using Python. We will be using a module called block_distoriton. Let’s see a brief about this module.

Block_distortion module

  • It applies block distortion effects on images.
  • It has the option to produce both still and animated(.gif) versions of an image.
  • Amount of distortion can be controlled


To install this module type the below command in the terminal.

pip install block_distortion

Distorting the still image

distort_image() function is used to distort the images.


distort_image(image, splits=2000)

splits = Number of splits [ distortions ] to be performed, defaults to 2000. More the splits, more smoother is image.

Image Used:


from skimage import img_as_ubyte
from import imread, imsave
from block_distortion import distort_image
# read image
input_image = imread('hotel.jpeg')
# distort the read image
distorted = distort_image(input_image)
# save to required path the converted binary image
imsave("./block-hotel.png", img_as_ubyte(distorted))

Output :

Distorting GIF images

animate_image() method is used to perform required gif distortion. 


animate_image(splits=2000, frames=100)

splits = Number of splits [ distortions ] to be performed, defaults to 2000. More the splits, more smoother is image.
frames = Number of frames to be created for gif image. defaults to 100.

write_frames_to_gif(path=curr, animated_image, duration=100)

path : Location to save file.
duration : duration of persistance of each frame in gif. ( in m/s ) defaults to 100.


from import imread
from block_distortion import animate_image, write_frames_to_gif
# read the image
input_image = imread("hotel.jpeg")
# convert to .gif after block distortion
frames = animate_image(input_image)
# write gif to output path
write_frames_to_gif("./block-anim-hotel.gif", frames, duration=100)

Output : 

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