How to disable JavaScript in Chrome Developer Tools?

Few times we want to see how a webpage looks without JavaScript, basically, at that time, we want to disable JavaScript from that page, in each browser, there is a different way to do so. In this article, we will disable JavaScript in Chrome developer tools.

Disabling JavaScript in Chrome Developer Tools: To disable the JavaScript, follow the order of the steps, for a better understanding, we have added screenshots of each step.

  • Press (Ctrl + Shift + I) in WindowsOS and (command+shift+I) in MacOS to open the Chrome Developer Tool to open the inspect element option.
  • After that, Press (Ctrl+Shift+P) in WindowsOS and (command+shift+P) in MacOS to open Command Menu.
  • Next, type JavaScript in the search, select Disable JavaScript then JavaScript will disabled.
  • The yellow warning icon next to Sources asure you that JavaScript is disabled.
  • JavaScript will remain disabled in this tab so long as you have Chrome Developer Tool open. After reloading the page, in Network of Chrome Developer Tool, the JavaScript will be disappeared.

If you want to see the page that how the page depends on JavaScript while loading.

  • (Ctrl+Shift+P) in WindowsOS and (command+shift+P) in MacOS again and select the Enable JavaScript command.


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