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How to Decompile APK file?

Last Updated : 16 Nov, 2022
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APK stands for Android Application Package. It is an extension of a file that can be installed on android devices. APK is the executable file in the android device in the entire project that is generated after compiling lots of files in android studio. It is a very challenging task of generating source files from their compiled version. Android Studio generates the APK file by compiling AndroidManifest.xml, .java, or .kt files, layout files, various media files, and many more different files. Below are the steps to decompile the APK file that is getting the source files from Android Application Package. Android studio packs the files into the .dex extension and combining that .dex files generate the APK files.

So below we will see the method of decompiling APK files using an Online Tool.  It is very easy to use and headache Free.

Steps To Decompile APK File: 

Step 1: Visit the Website to Decompile

Go to the following URL

Landing Page of Decompiling Website


Step 2: Uploading the APK File

Upload the APK file to view its source files which are decompiled files of the uploaded APK.

Uploading the APK File


After Successfully uploading APK Files there will be two folders, the First is for Resources files and the second is for sources.

Folders in APK Files


Step 3: Viewing Java/Source Files

To view, Java/Source files go to the Sources Folder

Opening Source Files


Viewing Java Files


Step 4: Finally, View the Resources Folder

To view Resources files go to the Resources folder

Viewing Resource Files


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