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How to deal with Emergency Maintenance Situations?

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  • Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2020
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Emergency maintenance (EM), is something that one does not want to deal with as it has many consequences. Emergency means unexpected events that require immediate action whereas maintenance means a process of preserving situations or conditions.

Therefore, Emergency Maintenance (EM) in software engineering simply means maintenance that is required immediately after emergency i.e. unexpected failure occurs simply to bring back failed assets to its normal working condition. Such failure can be dangerous to health and safety as well as environment therefore requires immediate maintenance to minimize dangerous effects.

How to deal with EM :
As one does not want to deal with situations but if such Emergency situations arise, then one has to deal with situations with more care in a planned manner. Following is list of tasks that one should follow to resolve EM situations :

  1. Safety :
    Firstly, most important task to make sure that workers, employees, or team members are kept safe from failure, breakdowns or malfunction of assets. This is a critical factor but most important one. Lack of maintenance can also lead to dangerous situations and might affect health and safety. For health and safety, a safe product is should be followed even when there is time pressure because shortcuts can be very costly and can lead to injuries or damage to system.

  2. Clean :
    Janitorial work i.e. cleaning and maintaining are also important tasks to be performed. Cleaning is a part of maintenance and is very much important as good it can eliminate safety issues, creates better and safer work environment for employees who are going to perform maintenance tasks of equipment.

  3. Adjust :
    Maintenance usually includes changing tasks and working environment. Maintenance team has to settle and adjust and work together to bring to a satisfactory state. Therefore, one has to adjust to such situations. Adaption and learning to live with problems simply by adjusting to symptoms mainly depend upon severity of problem. One needs to make sure that whether it’s better to adjust or perform maintenance.

  4. Inspect :
    Inspection is one of essential tasks. It helps one to identify root cause of failure occurrence. One needs to identify immediate cause of failure; one needs to determine what actually went wrong and how to fix failure.

  5. Replace :

    Replacing or renewing failed assets to restore back to its normal working condition is another important task. Restoration or replacement brings organization back into production much faster with less cost. It also reduces start-up challenges and unnecessary training to adopt new technologies or techniques.

  6. Rebuild :
    Rebuild simply gives equipment second chance or second life. Rebuilding equipment back to its normal working condition is almost main and ultimate goal of maintenance team. One has to make sure after performing maintenance tasks that whether failed equipment is now properly working or not.

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