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How to Create User-Friendly Web Design ?

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  • Last Updated : 28 Dec, 2020

Users are key to the success of any website and therefore should never be neglected. User-friendly in web design simply means designing a website in such a way that makes it easy for users to have access to information that they want on any device without any difficulty. It simply ensures that each and every user of the website must have an easy, effortless, and effective experience. Making user-friendly websites is generally considered an initial step to meet the goals or objectives of the business. The usability of a website should always be a priority for improving a website and increase the chances of success. In simple words, a website or web design should always consider the end-user. There are many ways to create and improve user-friendly websites. Some of them are given below: 

1. Navigation: Navigation simply means movement around web pages. It makes the whole process easy and smooth and makes it easy for users to have access to information. Therefore, while web designing, one should keep in mind that it should be clear, easy to follow, and should be easily used by customers or users. Simple routing should be there throughout the site. This in turn will increase functionality and performance.  

2. Multimedia: Adding multimedia to websites will not only improve the overall look i.e., the visual aspect of the website but it will also attract more users and provide more benefits to users. Websites including multimedia are interactive and help to gain more information easily. Therefore, while web designing, one should keep in mind that it should be effective, should be productive, capable of developing higher-order thinking skills. Adding multimedia makes the website unique and rich in graphic details. It can be audio, video, text, images, animations, etc.  

3. Compatibility: User experience is the main priority when it comes to the web experience. Compatibility plays a vital role in creating a good user experience and plays a huge role in the success of the business. Therefore, while web designing, one should keep in mind that it will be displayed differently on the different browsers so one has to plan and accommodate accordingly. This allows users to have access to websites on every device such as mobile, tablets, etc. using the internet.    

4. Technology: With the growing world, new technologies are also evolving day by day that brings new opportunities for businesses to increase performance and achieve success. It makes the website look more professional, fresh, and dynamic. Without web technologies, a website cannot be considered good and will not have a good user interface. Therefore, the technical implementation of the website is very important to make it user-friendly.  

5. Interactive: It is very important to allow users to comment and given their opinion regarding their experience and to customize their experience. Therefore, while web designing, one should include comment boxes, opinion polls, email forms, ask for ratings, incorporate quizzes, etc. All these things will increase interaction and user experience.  

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