How to create the best Google My Business Posts ?

Post is something that visually represents your ideas, thoughts on a particular topic. As Digital Marketing is expanding with the expansion of technology and uses of social and the internet. Companies are looking forward to using this for better results. Every marketing company advertises its product through posts or blogs. For the better SEO ratings, companies post on search engines which are well-known by the most of the audience. According to the reports, for any information the most used search engine is ‘Google’. People are very familiar with this and that’s why it is the best search engine.

So, Google introduced some new features and tools to increase their business and their post reaches through maximum audience. The tool we are going to learn about is Google My Business posts (GMB). This tool is especially made for the business posts which are posted by companies for the promotion of the product. The most powerful local SEO strategies a business can use to improve their local search engine is claiming optimization through Google My Business posts (GMB). It is the easiest and important way to connect online with potential customers or clients. This feature allows business owners to include additional information so potential customers who search for your business can learn more about what you have to offer. One of the recent enhancements added to Google My Business listings is called a “Post.”  

The great thing about Google Posts is that when a potential customer searches for a particular business on Google, the Post shows up front-and-center in the business’ Knowledge Panel. But after using Google My Business(GMB) features most of the posts are not perfect to attract the customers or to fit in GMB post. So, here are some tips by Socio labs which is the best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi to create a perfect Google My Business post. So, stay with us and follow the same footsteps for betterment of your company growth.

1. Arrange and enhance your Google My Business(GMB) profile – Once your Google My Business profile up and running, first step is to make posts by signing in to Google My Business, downloading the Google My Business mobile app, or using Socio labs to integrate your GMB strategy with your other social media marketing channels (we have more details on that in a bit).

2. Pick the finest type of your post for your aim – After setting up your Google My Business profile. Another thing is to find a good post for your goal achievement. Good post means a post that contains each and every detail of the event or seminar and a visually attractive post through which your post can reach a maximum audience. Your post should contain

  • What’s new: The latest feature of your company has launched for the customer or a new store for your visitors.  
  • Events: All the information about the event, live function, or seminar which is going to be conducted. Its date, venue, time, host, etc.
  • Offers: Any seasonal offer, time sensitive deal, free schemes, etc.
  • Product: If the company had launched any new product. Then post its uses, pros, cons, price, other details.

3. Fabricate your post – For writing a post for Google My Business, there are key points that should be present in the post. The following are mentioned below:

  • Post type: Is your post related to the event? An offer or time- sensitive deal? Any news to share? Focus on the thing for what purpose your post is made or created. Whether to attract customers, announce a new feature, sell something, opening of a new store or to encourage customers to visit our website or company.
  • Photos/ Videos: Info graphics are the master stroke of your post. These are the super powers to attract the viewers or customers.
    • Pictures: Photos should be clear, simple, bright, have vibrant colors, well-lit and focus. The best size for the photo to be posted as 750×750 in JPG or PNG format. The minimum size to post is 250×250 of 10kb. The maximum size is 10,000×10,000 of 25 mb. If possible try to have picture of minimum resolution 400px wide by 300px tall.
    • Video: Video should be AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV, WMV, MPG, MKV, M2TS and MTS. either of these formats. The maximum size is 100mb.
  • Title: Title should be attractive and should be described in 4 to 5 words. You have 58 characters for it.
  • More details: Be clear about the details of the event. You have a maximum 300 words or 1500 characters for your details of the post. The ideal limit is 150 to 300 words. But try to write the first 100 words more impressively because these are the words that will appear on the screen and for the rest of the audience to open your post.
  • Call To action(CTA): It includes action such as “Book Online”, “Buy”, “Call”, “Learn more” or “Visit”.


4. Produce your post – After fabricating your post, preview it, if it needs editing do it as soon as possible and then post it finally. After all, your post will be valuable if it is loved by customers and can gain popularity among them. The post will be appeared on 3 platforms-

  • On mobile: The tabs labeled Updates Overview on your company’s Business Profile (in both Search and Maps).
  • On desktop: In the “From the Owner” section of the Business Profile (in both Search and Maps).
  • Google My Business websites: Those low-effort websites that Google will help you make if you don’t have your own website or page.

5. Don’t fail to think of your survey – After publishing it the way GMB wants and fulfilling the needs of the audience. The last and final step is to check the success of your product. Use Google Analytics, Hotjar to check the success rate of your product. Google has plenty of interesting insights for you to check out once you’ve got some posts up and running. Take a look at your post views and see how your customers are engaging with your profile. Then give them more of what they like. According to consumers, businesses that respond to reviews are 1.7x more trustworthy than those that don’t. So ensure your digital customer support strategy is keeping an eye on your Google My Business reviews, along with your other social listening habits.

Therefore, following these steps will result in effective results of your Google My Business post. The important thing is that you should know your audience and then work according to their requirements. Google My Business Post plays a vital role in your business, so you cannot take it lightly. Follow through the steps and achieve the type of result you want for your business. Promotion of any business is the key to its success and Google My Business post (GMB) is a way to help you through. We have provided you a lead, set an aim and follow accordingly for your success.  

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