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How to create text stagger animation using TypographyMotion plugin ?

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  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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In this article, we will learn how to create text stagger animation using TypographyMotion plugin. This plugin is completely based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is one of the multiple animation techniques which encourages incremental delay from one state to another giving nice visual interactive applications.

Note: Please download the TypographyMotion plugin in the working folder and include the required files in the head section of your HTML code.

<link href=”” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”/>
<link href=”base.98fd6c19.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”/>
<link href=”js.00a46daa.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”/>
<script src=””></script>

Example: The following example demonstrates the TypographyMotion plugin helping developers to create stagger text animation. Different HTML elements like section, figure, circle, and SVG are used to develop the structure of the web page. Different classes from the plugin’s CSS file are used for visual effects of content, frame, paragraph, and cursor as shown in the below code. After moving the cursor on the About and Close “span” frames, the user can see the text stagger animation of the HTML paragraph. Refer to the output for a better understanding.


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" class="no-js">
    <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width,
                    initial-scale=1" />
    <meta name="description" content="Letter stagger animation" />
    <link rel="stylesheet"
        href="" />
    <link rel="stylesheet"
        type="text/css" href="base.98fd6c19.css" />
    <script src=
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="js.00a46daa.css" />
<body class="loading">
        <div class="frame">
            <a class="frame__home">
                <span class="frame__home-title">
            <div class="frame__title-wrap">
                <h1 class="frame__title">
                    Staggered text Motion Effect
            <a class="frame__about">
                <span class=
    "frame__about-item frame__about-item--current">
                <span class="frame__about-item">
        <div class="content">
            <section class=
"content__item content__item--home content__item--current">
                <p class="content__paragraph
content__paragraph--large content__paragraph--first"
                    HTML is a markup language
                <p class=
"content__paragraph content__paragraph--large
content__paragraph--right content__paragraph--last"
                    that is used by the browser
                    to manipulate text.
            <section class="content__item content__item--about">
                <p class="content__paragraph"
                    stands for</p>
                <p class=
"content__paragraph content__paragraph--right" data-splitting="">
                    Hyper Text Markup Language
                <p class="content__paragraph" data-splitting="">
                    It defines link between
                <p class="content__paragraph" data-splitting="">
                    Web pages
                <figure class="content__figure">
                    <img class="content__figure-img"
                        src="background2.JPG" alt="background2 image" />
                    <figcaption class="content__figure-caption">
                        Markup language is used to define
                        the text document within tag which
                        defines the structure of web pages.
                        This language is used to make notes
                        for the computer text so that a
                        machine can understand it and
                        manipulate text accordingly.
                        Most of markup languages are human
                        readable. Language uses tags to define
                        what manipulation has to be done on
                        the text.
    <svg class="cursor" width="90" height="90"
            viewBox="0 0 90 90">
        <circle class="cursor__inner" cx="40"
                cy="40" r="20">
    <script src="js.00a46daa.js"></script>


 text stagger animation

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