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How to Create Custom Class in Java?

  • Last Updated : 20 Jul, 2021

Class is the collection of objects. Class is not a real-world entity it is just only templates and prototypes or blueprints. Class does not occupy memory. We can write a custom class as per our choice for an illustration purpose a sample is shown in the program below as a helper class.


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// Java Program to Creating our Own Custom Class
// Importing input output classes
// Class 1
// Helper class
class Employee {
    // Member variables of this class
    // first attribute
    int id;
    // second attribute
    int salary;
    // third attribute
    String name;
    // Member function of this class
    // Method 1
    public void printDetails()
        // Print and display commands
        System.out.println("My id is " + id);
        System.out.println("This is my name " + name);
    // Method 2
    public int getSalary()
        // Simply returning the salary
        return salary;
// Class 2
// Main class
class Custom {
    // Main driver method
    public static void main(String[] args)
        // Display message only
        System.out.println("This is the custom class");
        // Creating object of custom class in the main()
        // method Instantiating a new Employee object
        Employee harry = new Employee();
        // Again creating object of custom class and
        // instantiating a new Employee object
        Employee robin = new Employee();
        // Initializing values for first object created
        // above = 23;
        harry.salary = 100000; = "Ritu bhatiya";
        // Initializing values for second object created
        // above = 25;
        robin.salary = 150000; = "Amit thripathi";
        // Printing object attributes by
        // calling the method as defined in our class
        // Calling the method again of our class and
        // storing it in a variable
        int salary = robin.getSalary();
        // Print and display the above salary
        System.out.println("Salary of robin : " + salary
                           + "$");
        System.out.println("ID : " +;


This is the custom class
My id is 23
This is my name Ritu bhatiya
My id is 25
This is my name Amit thripathi
Salary of robin : 150000$
ID : 23


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