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How to Create a Shut-Down Virus for Windows?

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As the name of the virus is clear we are here trying to Create a simple shout-down Virus that is not harmful to the data that is saved in the computer this type of virus automatically restarts the PC when the user Login/Start the PC. This virus Automatically shout-down the PC till the time it is programmed by the programmer and not able to do any work to the user of that PC. This type of Virus simply makes discomfort to the user and the work of the user must get hampered lot by this kind of virus, For preparation, we didn’t have to download any specific software we can start doing the Coding in Notepad and save the file as .bat Extension. For the Creation of the Virus Follow these Steps are as follows :

Step 1: Press the Window + R Button from the Keyboard.

Step 2: The Run Dialog book will Open in front of the user.

Step 3: Type Notepad in the Dialog Box and press Enter.

Now Notepad Window will Open in front of the User as shown below:

Step 4: Add the following code in the Notepad as shown:

shutdown -s -t <no. of time you want to shut down the Computer> c "<Message you want to show in the Screen of the user>"

Step 5: After adding all the code, save the File with the name of your choice, but remember to save the file with .bat Extension anywhere on the Computer.

The Virus is Successfully Created by you but it is important to note that this will only work when it is open by the user.


A message will be displayed in front of the user which is set by the Programmer. After Activating this virus the PC will Automatically Shut-Down till the time set in the Program by the Programmer. To resolve the shut-down issue of the Computer you will have to do the following things:

  • Connect the HDD in the External mode into another PC and try to find the Virus Program file and Delete that file from the HDD. This will also resolve the problem but this will only work when you got the correct file that is causing this problem. No. Antivirus will be able to find this file on the PC.
  •  Reinstall the window in the Infected PC.


Last Updated : 22 Mar, 2021
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