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How to create a Reset Button in form using HTML ?

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 30 Sep, 2021
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In this article, we will learn how to create a Reset Button in HTML forms.  Basically, the reset button is used to reset all the form data value and set to its initial default value. In case of user entered the wrong data then the user can easily correct it by clicking on “Reset Button”.

Approach: Here is a simple approach to add a reset Button –

  • First, we create an HTML document that contains a <form> element.
  • Create an <input> element under the form element.
  • Use the type attribute with the <input> element.
  • Set the type attribute to value “reset”.


<input type="reset">



<!DOCTYPE html>
        How to Create a Reset Button 
        in form using HTML?
<body style="text-align:center;">
    <h1 style="color:green;">
        How to Create a Reset Button 
        in form using HTML?
        Email ID:
        <input type="email">
        <br> Password:
        <input type="password">
        <input type="submit">
        <input type="reset">


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