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How to Create a Line Chart for Comparing Data in Excel?

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  • Last Updated : 02 Jun, 2022
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Excel is powerful data visualization and data management tool which can be used to store, analyze, and create reports on large data. It can be used to visualize data using a graph plot. In excel, we can plot different kinds of graphs like line graphs, bar graphs, etc., to visualize or analyze the trend.

Line Chart for Comparing Data in Excel

The line graph is also known as a line plot or a line chart. In this graph lines are used to connect individual data points. It displays quantitative values over a specified time interval. This graph is generally used when comparison of long term trend is needed. We can easily plot line charts in excel, follow the below steps,

For the purpose of demonstration, we will use the below given data(showing sales of a product over different years):



 Step 1: Select the cell containing product data.



Step 2: Select ‘Insert’ Tab from the top ribbon and select the line chart.






Steps to make changes in graph

Step 1: Click on chart title (‘Sales in above graph)



Step 2: Chart format menu will open. Make desired changes.



For example, change the chart title and disable the legend option.






You can see that the chart title is changed and legend is not there now.

Line chart from Pivot table

Suppose we have following table given below, and we want to compare the amount spend by each individual buyer:



For comparing the spent value by each individual, we have to create a pivot table.

Steps to create pivot table

Step 1: Select the data and then select pivot table from insert tab.



Step 2: Select the ‘amount by buyer’ option and then select existing sheet option if you want your pivot table to be present in the same sheet.



Step 3: Give the cell value where you want to place the pivot table and then select Insert.



Step 4: Pivot table will get created.



Using this pivot now, we can create line chart. To create line chart follow the steps:

Step 1: Select the pivot table



Step 2: Click on Insert tab and select Line chart option.






From this chart we can compare the total amount spent by each individual. For example, Dad spend the maximum amount.

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