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How to Create a Gauge Chart in Excel?

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 25 Feb, 2022
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Gauge chart is also known as a speedometer or dial chart, which use a pointer to show the readings on a dial. It is just like a speedometer with a needle, where the needle tells you a number by pointing it out on the gauge chart with different ranges.

It is a Single point chart that tracks a single data point against its target.

Steps to Create a Gauge Chart

Follow the below steps to create a Gauge chart:

Step 1: First enter the data points and values.


Step 2: Doughnut chart(with First table values).

  • Select the range B2:B7
  • Then press shortcut keys [Alt + N + Q and select the Doughnut] or Go to Insert -> Charts -> Doughnut (With these steps you will get a blank chart).


Step 3: Delete or hide the left portion of the Doughnut chart.

  • Select the chart (left click on the chart) & double click on the left portion.
  • Then right click -> format Data point… -> paint -> fill -> select “No fill”.


Step 4: Change the Angle

  • Select the legend Icon & Change the angle to 271.
  • Then you can change the doughnut hole size.


Step 5: Set the Border & color

  • Go to fill and line -> border -> No line.
  • You can also change the colors of each data point.


Step 6: Creating a pointer

  • Click on the chart -> Chart Design -> Select Data -> Add


  • Series name as a Pointer or Thickness(for this first select first box and A11)
  • Then for “Series values” select the values, here, selected 36, 5 & 153.


  • Select “OK“.


  • Now select the new chart and make it “No Fill” except the pointer(The smaller data point).


Step 7: Change chart type.

  • Select chart -> chart Design -> change chart type -> combo. Then for series chart select Doughnut.


  • Same as series select pie chart Type for “thickness” Then Select “Ok”.


  • Now the last Step is to change the angle of the chart as 271.
  • Give Data Labels.


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