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How to Create a Basic Project using MVT in Django ?

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Prerequisite – Django Project MVT Structure

Assuming you have gone through the previous article. This article focuses on creating a basic project to render a template using MVT architecture. We will use MVT (Models, Views, Templates) to render data to a local server.

Create a basic Project: 

  • To initiate a project of Django on Your PC, open Terminal and Enter the following command 
django-admin startproject projectName
  • A New Folder with the name projectName will be created. To enter in the project using the terminal enter command 
cd projectName
  • Create a new file inside the project folder where, and other files are stored and save the following code in it- 


# HttpResponse is used to
# pass the information
# back to view
from django.http import HttpResponse
# Defining a function which
# will receive request and
# perform task depending
# upon function definition
def hello_geeks (request) :
    # This will return Hello Geeks
    # string as HttpResponse
    return HttpResponse("Hello Geeks")

  • Open inside project folder (projectName) and add your entry- 
    • Import hello_geeks function from file. 
from projectName.views import hello_geeks

  • Add an entry in url field inside url patterns- 
path('geek/', hello_geeks), 

  • Now to run the server follow these steps- 
    • Open command prompt and change directory to env_site by this command- 
$ cd env_site
  • Go to Script directory inside env_site and activate virtual environment- 
$ cd Script
$ activate
  • Return to the env_site directory and goto the project directory- 
$ cd ..
$ cd geeks_site
  • Start the server- Start the server by typing following command in cmd- 
$ python runserver
  • Checking – Open the browser and type this url-

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Last Updated : 18 Nov, 2022
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