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How to count total number of documents in MongoDB Collection using Node.js ?

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MongoDB, the most popular NoSQL database, we can count the number of documents in MongoDB Collection using the MongoDB collection.countDocuments() function. The mongodb module is used for connecting the MongoDB database as well as used for manipulating the collections and databases in MongoDB. 

Installing module: You can install mongodb module using the following command.

node install mongodb

Project Structure:

Running the server on Local IP: Data is the directory where the MongoDB server is present.

mongod --dbpath=data --bind_ip

MongoDB Database:


Following is the sample data stored in your database for this example.

Filename: index.js


// Requiring module
const MongoClient = require("mongodb");
// Connection URL
// Database name
const databasename = "GFG";
MongoClient.connect(url).then((client) => {
  const connect = client.db(databasename);
  // Connect to collection
  const collection = connect.collection("aayush");
  // Count the total documents
  collection.countDocuments().then((count_documents) => {
  }).catch((err) => {
}).catch((err) => {
  // Printing the error message

Run index.js file using the following command:

node index.js


Last Updated : 27 May, 2022
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