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How to Configure Macros in Excel?

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An action or collection of actions can be recorded, named, stored, and executed as many times as necessary and whenever desired using an Excel macro. We can automate repetitive processes related to data manipulation and reporting that need to be done repeatedly by using macros. You can record a macro and save it with any name to run it whenever you open the workbook that contains this macro.

Steps for Configuring Macros in Excel

Step 1: Open a new Excel Workbook. Turn on the Developer Tab on the ribbon (The Developer tab is by default hidden). To personalize the ribbon, do the following, Anywhere on the ribbon, use the right mouse button to choose (by clicking) Customize the ribbon.



Step 2: Place a check in the Developer checkbox by selecting Customize the ribbon from the menu. Click OK.



Step 3: Let’s begin recording our first macro in Excel now that the developer tab has been added to the ribbon. To configure a macro, on the Developer tab, go to Code group and click Record Macro.



Step 4: You’ll see the Record Macro dialogue box. Give your macro a name and specify the shortcut that will run it. Click “OK.”



Note: Every step you perform from now on will be recorded by the macro. For Example, We added some sample data in Book1.



Let’s now change the header’s format and add some colors.



Step 5: Once you are done, go to the developer tab and click stop recording. The macro has recorded the steps, and you can now perform the same steps by running the macro. Open a new sheet in excel, and add the data.



To see the recorder macro, Click on Macros in the Developer ribbon: 



Step 6: Select the name of Macro. Click Run.



You could see the changes recorded in Macro are applied in the sheet.



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Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2022
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